Welcome to Cancer Warrior Alliance

Our mission is to deliver cancer support resource information to the cancer community by:

  • Building relationships with and providing resource information to clinics, hospitals and those affected by cancer
  • Informing and empowering everyone in the cancer community to obtain resources and attend support and information events

Resources are available, finding them can be daunting!!!

No matter what stage of your cancer journey you find yourself in, identifying and accessing resources is a challenge that we all face. There are literally thousands of support groups, services and events for those affected by cancer. These resources can be local, regional, national, international or online only, ranging from clinical trials, to educational conferences to fun group activities or peer to peer support and discussion groups. Unfortunately, the information on these resources only makes it to a limited audience. And that's why we are here.

Let us help you live your life on your terms!!!

Cancer Support Services and Groups


There are thousands of support services, groups and events for cancer survivors and caregivers. It's time that this information was made available to the cancer community in a single easy to find resource. This is precisely the core idea behind CWA. Here you'll find categorized lists, created and maintained by your cancer survivor and caregiver peers, to help you locate these resources.

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May's Spotlight Resource


Every month CWA will put a resource in the spotlight! This resource is one we feel is doing a phenomenal job of helping the community or one we feel isn't getting enough recognition!

May's spotlight resource is My Hope Bag! My Hope Bag provides physical resources to women going through breast cancer.

Founder, Sarah says "I started My Hope Bag after my own journey with breast cancer. While going through my journey, I thought “they” needed to have a bag of HOPE for women going through this. It is my heartfelt desire to help answer questions, comfort and encourage others and help lighten their load while facing the fight of their life." 

Thank you My Hope Bag for all that you do!


Join the Cancer Warrior Battle

We understand that information is only useful if it reaches those that need it. Click below to learn how you can help CWA collect and distribute valuable support information to the cancer community.

Cari Ann's Caravan is Leaving the Station!

Cari Ann's Caravan will be attending Cancercon 2019 in April! If you would like to register for the caravan, donate to our cause, or learn more about the caravan please click below!

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