About Us

Our Mission

To deliver cancer support resource information to the cancer community by:

  • building relationships with and providing resource information to clinics, hospitals and those affected by cancer
  • Informing and empowering everyone in the cancer community to obtain resources and attend support and information events

Our Vision

That all those affected by cancer are provided the tools, prior to, or immediately upon diagnosis, to have a fighting chance to live life on their terms

The CWA Team

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Lauren Martin


Survivor of childhood brain tumor. Lauren has worked in the healthcare administration field for over 6 years and has a BA in communications.

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James Ford


Caregiver for over 20 years and father of 2 wonderful children. Since finishing a 6 year commitment with the US Air Force, James has been working in the healthcare IT field as a developer, EDI specialist, Director and Chief Information Officer.

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Krysten Ford


Krysten has been a caregiver for 14 years and has background in justice studies, behavioral health, and social work. She has been very passionately advocating for the cancer community going on three years now. Krysten is also an author and in training to join our United States Navy.

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