Cari Ann’s Caravan

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What is Cari Ann's Caravan?

After attending stupidcancer's OMG and Cancercon conventions from 2012 through 2015, my wife, Cari Ann, and I were so grateful, moved and inspired by the experiences. We wanted to find a way to help other cancer survivors and caregivers get to these events. In early 2015 we came up with the idea of a Caravan. Not only would we help fundraise for these participants, but we would turn the trip into its own fun activity. By caravaning to the events we thought we could bring survivors and caregivers together, have some fun, pool resources and increase fundraising potential. This allows us to minimize the cost for each participant.

Sadly, Cari Ann passed away in August 2015 at 43 years old. She was diagnosed with hodgkins disease at age 11, breast cancer at age 19 and multiple basil cell carcinomas at age 41. She was a fighter, loved life and was a wonderful mother, wife, daughter and friend. No matter what was happening with her, it was almost impossible to see her without a smile on her face. In honor of her spirit and commitment to help others, we have taken action and made the Caravan idea a reality. Our innaugural caravan took place in late November 2015 for OMG! West and was a great success. Participants paid little or nothing to travel, have fun and room with us.

Please help us get the next group of survivors and caregivers to upcoming events.

Our next caravan trip will be April 2020 to Cancercon!! Fill out the form below to register!