Spotlight on Support Resources


Every month, Cancer Warrior Alliance chooses one support resource that we feel helps the cancer community in a major or unique way. 

CancerCon 2018

This month we will be shining our support spotlight on StupidCancer’s CancerCon 2018, which takes place in April. If you are a young adult, family member, caregiver or advocate, this 3 day conference is an amazing resource. Check out the CancerCon website and view video reels and agendas from previous years. It has been described as the only major conference where everyone attending just “gets it”.

Want to attend but not sure you can afford the trip? CancerCon has an exceptional VIP fundraising program that actually reimburses participants for their travel expenses. Also, CWA’s own Cari Ann’s Caravan will be transporting participants to the conference as well, click here for details.

Check out their site, here.